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telEducation of ISU-ILAGAN is an online courseware that is one of the Flexible Teaching-Learning Modalities’ in the First Industrial Revolution Education. This e-based course module is an alternative instructional material and it is equivalent to a virtual classroom that enable students to be independent learner as it promotes self-paced learning.


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teleEducation Terms and Conditions. 

Access to the online courseware is through our e-learning site. Please carefully read the following terms before accessing this site or using a module. By accessing the site (which includes, visiting, registering, accessing a course) you accept and agree to all terms and conditions imposed in this agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not access the site. By using this service, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to these terms...

  1. telEducation in for academic purposes only.
  2. Sharing of Course Contents such as Modules, Books, Lectures, Exams and the like without proper consent from the owner is strictly prohibited.
  3. For minor users or students, please ask for parent consent.
  4. telEducation is in compliant with the University’s policies and guidelines in Flexible Teaching-Learning Modalities.
  5. Faculty members and students are provided with their respective username and password to access the site for every semester.
  6. telEducation is active during the semester until students have completed their coursework one week after the final exam.
  7. Students are expected to be good netizen, (e.i. project good positive impression of ISU employees and students.
  8. telEducation is designed to be accessed from phones, tablets, laptops and PCs, so you can use it whenever and wherever you are.
  9. The department does not warrant that the online courseware will be uninterrupted, error-free or free from viruses.
  10. Access codes are single user codes. The User shall not share access codes with any other party. Access to modules will be for a limited duration as set out on the relevant instructions for each module. Users may choose to complete the module in staged intervals and save progress within the LMS Platform within the stipulated time allocation for completion of the relevant module.
  11. It is the User's responsibility to ensure compatibility of software.
  12. ISU-ILAGAN may make improvements, or changes, to this material at any time without prior notification.